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Clean Beauty Q&A with Juhi Singh

Ayurveda, also known as Ayurvedic medicine, is a 7,000 year old Hindu system of medicine native to India. Familiar aspects of Ayurveda include meditation, yoga and the alkaline diet. This holistic perspective on wellbeing can support health, pain, energy, beauty, and more.

Juhi Center in Manhattan provides "a personalized treatment protocol that includes diagnosis, therapy, education and empowerment, creating a virtuous cycle of healing," according to its website. Clients range from...

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How does a nontoxic lifestyle expert maintain a positive mindset?

events yoga Mar 02, 2019

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Yesterday, I had the honor of speaking to employees at BlackRock, a global investment firm that is based in NYC. I was invited by the Families at BlackRock and Mindfulness networks to share 10 Simple Tips for Healthier Living.

One question they asked of me in advance was, How do you prevent a toxic mindset and stay positive?

As I prepared my presentation with that question in mind, I couldn't help but be honest: yoga. My yoga practice guided me towards...

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Breathe Your Way to Energy, Relaxation, Peace, Empowerment, Health, and Healing

healing nose yoga Jan 31, 2019

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Breathing techniques are powerful tools to influence our mind, body, energy, emotions, moods, and detoxification.

And I love how accessible they are to diverse demographics: from children to the elderly, among all geographies, for any budget, from a still moment while waiting in line at a store to an hour-long class in a gorgeous yoga studio, from a stressful moment in an intense meeting to a relaxing evening at home. Breathing...

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Meditate on Your Nose

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


How often do you think about your nose?

I rarely do. Except when I have a stuffy nose, runny nose, or sneezing fits.

What does the nose do for us? How can we connect with it? Can doing so empower us somehow?


Come on, Let's Get to Know the Nose

The nose works hard for us. By taking the time to learn more about it, we can align ourselves to work with the nose—to guide us towards safety and health, investigate odors, explore chronic...

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Yoga for Bad People with Heather Lilleston

energy healing money yoga Aug 09, 2017



There's a concept in yoga that really resonates with me. It's called avidya.

Avidya is a Sanskrit term that represents ignorance, misunderstandings, or incorrect knowledge. This ignorance can serve as a film over your eyes that blurs perspective, and clouds your judgment.

As I researched and wrote my book A to Z of D-Toxing, I often thought of avidya as I learned about lifelong misunderstandings I had about how to be healthy and what things are safe. My experience with...

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Detox Your Yoga Blocks

yoga Apr 08, 2017



Yoga blocks are often made of a foam that's made of petrochemicals. While there are benefits (they tend to be cheap and light), they are not great for our planet and our health.

Instead, healthier yoga blocks are made of 100% wood (like bamboo) or 100% cork, both of which can be more eco-friendly by using renewable and sustainable materials.


100% Wood  100% Cork


  • Great support 
  • May be heavy (new ones can be lighter because they have a hollow...
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Detox Your Yoga Mat

yoga Apr 07, 2017




Yoga mats can be made of plastic, like vinyl (one of the most toxic materials for our planet and our health). A healthier material for yoga mats is 100% natural rubber.



To cleanse your yoga mat, you can use essential oils in the doTERRA recipe below. But please conduct a test patch first because not all yoga mats are the same and the recipe below may damage some mats.

3/4 cup distilled water
1/4 cup alcohol-free witch hazel or...

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Sanskrit Chanting -- For Kids Too?

parents sleep yoga Mar 21, 2017

A few years ago, I completed a yoga teacher training program. I had been interested enough in yoga that I wanted to pursue this program as an introductory overview of yoga. This program introduced me to the language of Sanskrit, which I don't remember ever even knowing of its existence until this program.

Scientists Say that Sanskrit Has A Unique Mathematical Precision

In one of our required readings for the Sanskrit section, I was fascinated by the below:

"[Sanskrit] has been written up in...

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Sounds of My Nightly Routine: Chaos, Singing, Humming, and Chanting Om

parents sleep yoga Jan 11, 2017

Chanting om has become an effective way to release stress, center my mind, and soothe my children to sleep.

As a mother of three young kids, I experience the bedtime routine mostly as a battle. Starting at 5pm, the battle begins: I battle with my children to wash their hands before eating dinner, to eat dinner, to not dance on the furniture while eating, to take a bath, to brush their teeth, to get dressed after bath, to pick their bedtime stories, and to keep their heads on their...

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