Offer Wellness to Your Employees

Engage Sophia to create custom wellness programs for your employees. Sophia can visit your office, or join remotely, to make it easier for your employees to take care of themselves and their families. Sophia's practical health tips can help boost employee productivity, morale, retention, health, wellbeing, and loyalty.


A home detox, improved sleep quality, and healthier lifestyle choices can liberate an employee's ability to offer his/her best. Be a catalyst for optimizing your work environment.

— Sophia Ruan Gushée

Company Benefits

Boost employee:

  • Morale. Investing in wellness services is an investment in your company culture and employee morale. Participants of company wellness programs have been found to enjoy increased energy, knowledge, life satisfaction, and a steadier level of employee morale, according to Insurance Quotes
  • Productivity. Employers who invest in certain employee wellness services can receive financial return on investment and competitive advantages through enhanced "employee engagement, productivity, and workplace morale," as was reported in the Harvard Business Review
  • Health and wellbeing. Employers can also benefit from employees' improved health and wellbeing. A 2012 study found that "employees with high overall “well-being” have 41% lower health-related costs compared with employees who are struggling and 62% lower costs compared with employees who are suffering,” according to the Harvard Business Review
  • Tools to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Employers can decrease healthcare costs by empowering employees with strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. "Employees at risk for depression represent a 70% higher insurance cost," according to Insurance Quotes
  • Support. Save employees time and stress by empowering them during their workday with wellness education and services. Science has been proving the health benefits from feeling supported.
  • Loyalty and retention. In one survey, 45% of employees identified wellness programs as a reason to stay with a company. And 62% of the workers believed these programs improved individual health," according to Insurance Quotes

Support factors that can:

  • Reduce employee sick days and healthcare costs. "After establishing a wellness program, Delaware-based company DuPont saw a 14% drop in absences among 45K workers at more than 41 industrial sites," according to Insurance Quotes
  • Decrease workers compensation premiums and claims. "On average, companies that implemented wellness programs saw a 30% decrease in workers compensation and disability claims," according to Insurance Quotes
  • Motivate. Education and frequent reminders of health benefits can effectively inspire employees to make healthy change  

Your Wellness Program

Learn how Sophia can customize a wellness program for your employees. Programs can help employees make simple choices to optimize factors that can improve:

  • Attention, focus, memory, and cognitive skills
  • Brain fog and brain health
  • Energy
  • Happiness
  • Immunity
  • Pregnancy health
  • Reproductive health
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Sleep
  • Weight 

Enjoy programs that can include:

  • Monthly talks. Sophia can lead monthly live talks to empower and motivate employees to make healthy changes
  • Private online library. A private online portal at Sophia's D-Tox Academy can be created for employees to access online nontoxic living programs at their convenience. Examples of what can be included are nontoxic cleaning approaches, self-care, diet, renovations, interior design, children's stuff, home office, and natural remedies. And how to detox your bedroom and improve your sleep quality. 
  • Weekly emails. Custom email newsletters for your employees to share simple tips healthy eating, stress management, improved sleep, enhanced energy, and more
  • Private group detox programs. Some people are more motivated by a group challenge. Sophia can organize and lead fun challenges that are designed to motivate employees to make healthy behavioral changes
  • One-on-one detox consultations. Some people prefer or need private consultations. Choose a program that includes Sophia's availability for private consultations for your employees
  • A to Z of D-Toxing. Sophia's critically-acclaimed book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures

Branding & Marketing

Enhance your brand by supporting public and environmental health. Inquire about sponsorship packages that promote your brand while supporting public and environmental health through Sophia's:

  • Website
  • Podcasts
  • Social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube
  • Email newsletters
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Scholarships to be offered to applicants of the D-Tox Academy to help make it easier for others to pursue practical nontoxic living. These scholarships will be marketed with your brand through all of the above.


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