Get Help Detoxing Your Body and Home

Sophia Ruan Gushée curated nearly ten-years of research on an average family's toxic exposures, and shares it in her critically-acclaimed book A to Z of D-Toxing. Through the offerings on this page (and her developing D-Tox Academy), Sophia distills her expertise further into programs to help you edit your life and home for healthy living. You will learn tips that are:

  • practical
  • simple
  • achievable
  • sustainable
  • complementary to your other wellness efforts

1) Detox Your EMFs: The Ultimate 21-Day Digital Detox

Save research and time. This program curates years of research and practical experience into 21 key strategies—1 per day—to reduce your EMF exposures (radiation emitted from our wireless and wired technologies).

This can position you and your loved ones for more resilient health, wellness, presence, and mindfulness.

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2) Get Customized Help

If you'd like personalized guidance, then please reach out for us to talk further. Maybe you're looking to create a healthy home for a baby on the way, or just don't have time to figure out which steps you should prioritize, then please reach out for us to discuss further. 


3) #AirplaneModeChallenge

Our free #AirplaneModeChallenge is designed to raise awareness about cell phone radiation (and other types of EMFs), and how it may impact your sleep. The goal is to give you digestible nuggets of information over 7 days, and help you realize how easy it is to make minor changes to reduce your exposures to cell phone radiation.


4) Events

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