A Guide for Healthy Habits with Technology

Develop healthy habits with technology to nurture you and your loved ones' attention, presence, connections, and emotional wellness.



  1. Presence
    1. Tips to Protect Family Time from Technology
  2. Education
    1. 10 Best Websites For Children Of All Ages
    2. Is Your Child Cheating on Tests With Technology?
  3. Child Development and Emotional Wellness
    1. Instant Gratification: How Technology Affects Children’s Behavior
    2. The Link Between Technology And Depression in Children
    3. When Should Children Get A Phone?
    4. Are Attention Disorders Linked to Technology?
    5. The New Family Divide: How Can Technology Impact Family Time?
    6. Effects of Social Media on Teenage Relationships
    7. Is It Safe to Be A Vlogger?
    8. Tips to Get Your Kids to Talk to You
    9. How to Help A Child with Their Social Skills
    10. Protect Social Skills from Technology
    11. Top Toys That Empower Children, Especially Girls
    12. Guidelines for Children's Screen Time
    13. Our Culture of Impatience in an On-Demand World
    14. Cyberbullying: What It Is, and Tips to Protect Your Children
    15. Tips to Help Kids Overcome Social Isolation
    16. Your Children’s Development: How Does Technology Endanger It?
    17. Does Our Selfie Culture Foster Narcissism?
  4. Health
    1. 6 Technology-Related Diseases & How to Prevent Them
    2. Risks When Living Next to A Cell Phone Tower
    3. Create A Safe Sleeping Environment in Childcare
    4. Are Headphones Safe for Children?
    5. Digital Screen Time and Vision Problems
    6. Reduce Computer Eye Strain in Children
    7. How Technology Contributes to Obesity in Children
    8. Helping Kids Reap the Mental and Physical Benefits of Exercise
  5.  Safety
    1. The Internet That Most of Us Don't Know
    2. Are You or Your Kids Downloading Copyrighted Content?
    3. 10 Tips to Help Parents Talk to Kids about Internet Safety
    4. Advice for Parents About Online Pornography
    5. Parents: Do You Know About the Deep Web?
    6. Sexualized Texting or “Sexting”
  6. Parenting
    1. 7 Tips to Keep Your Child Focused on School Work
    2. Should Parents Ban Cell Phone Use for Kids?
  7. Privacy
    1. Your Child’s Online Privacy: An Intro
    2. Children’s Privacy Online: For Kids Who Type
    3. Tips to Set Up Facebook Privacy Controls
  8. Digital Record
    1. What Is a Harmful Digital Footprint?
    2. Monitoring Children’s Digital Footprint

Playing outside, and having face-to-face, in-person experiences is invaluable.

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