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Feel-good hormones, oxytocin and dopamine, can be triggered by healthy sources (like a hug, or seeing your child in person or even in a picture) and unhealthy sources (like social media use). I gained such helpful awareness as I wrote my article "What triggers your feel-good hormones?" on my blog at http://www.nontoxicliving.tips What I learned from writing the article loosened the unconscious pulls on me from my digital devices, and liberated me to make more conscious choices on how I spend my time. After my work day, if I feel the need to check into the online world, I assess whether I'm just seeking a hit of oxytocin or dopamine. Often, that is the case in the evening. So, if something is really not needing my response or attention, then I try to choose more fulfilling triggers of feel-good hormones; like connecting with my loved ones with presence and without distractions. . While I battle a digital addiction as much as anyone else in NYC, I also recognize now that rather than go to my digital device for a trigger for feel-good hormones, I can choose healthier triggers. My soul-filling triggers of feel-good hormones include quality connection with my family members, time with friends, exercise, and a pleasant encounter with a stranger. . What is rare for my NYC-existence but really cherished is time spent amongst trees. I was particularly mesmerized by the roots of the tree in this picture from my recent stay at the wonderful @bocaresort Swipe up in my Instastory to check out the article in my blog. And let me know: what are your healthy triggers of feel-good hormones? "Clean" comments only please!! . . . #WaldorfMoment #BocaResort #aloyoga #WaldorfAstoria #Wellness #Yoga #BocaRaton #biophilia #plantsmakepeoplehappy #trees #treesmakemehappy #nontoxicliving . Loving the comfortable yoga top by @aloyoga

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