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EMF Detox

Detox radiation from your technology & optimize your energy hygiene.

Detox What You Won't Miss + Protect Your Joy!

  • Pillar 1: Detox 101
    • Learn the five cornerstones of the D-Tox Approach
    • Evolve your perspective towards the Practical Nontoxic Lifestyle mindset for sustainable, long-term success
  • D-Tox Approach: Apply the structured, methodical D-Tox Approach to:
    • Detox what you won't miss
    • Protect your joy
    • Pursue the D-Tox Approach as an elimination diet: start with a Baseline Assessment and then track your symptoms as your eliminate and re-introduce toxic exposures
    • Reduce your risks to a long list of health issues
  • EMF Detox. Detox workshops + PDF checklists to help you & your family apply the D-Tox Approach:
    • Baseline Assessment
    • +21 power lessons in 5 workshops
      1. EMFs Overview
      2. Healthy Technology Habits
      3. Home EMF Edit
      4. Evening EMF Edit
      5. Body EMF Edit
    • Bonus: this naturally helps establish a healthier relationship with your technology
  • Healing Space: Private online Q&A forum
  • Easy to use APP for detoxing on-the-go
  • Preferred access for podcast guests answer your questions*

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