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Sophia and her team are available to consult with individuals or groups per below. She and her team help people detox household staples (including pantries), wedding registries, baby registries, gifts, bedrooms, and more.

Through Sophia's D-Tox MethodTM, we'll help you:

  1. Assess your stuff
  2. Evaluate your habits
  3. Categorize what brings you joy
  4. Categorize what you need
  5. Categorize what you can discard
  6. Examine category 4 above (what you need) to identify opportunities to detox the chronic sources of toxic exposures
  7. Create a practical plan for you to continue tweaking your way to a healthier home and body
  8. Those who engage Sophia, will be gifted an online workshop (most of these are currently available exclusively to Sophia's private clients) to support you even after your consultation

We look forward to supporting you through comfortable adjustments so that you can optimize your wellbeing at a pace that's not stressful for you!

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Interested in an option you don't see below? Or, do you really need help, but your budget doesn't provide for the rates below? Email us! Sophia and her team will try to accommodate, based on their availability.

* Please note that Services and prices are subject to change.


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