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I have a lot of content here. So much content that I've created several table of contents, or detox guides, for each category below to help ease you into Practical Nontoxic Living.

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Our Bodies + Homes

Our Bodies

Most people know that pillars of health include diet, exercise, sleep, and stress. But most people don't consider toxic exposures from everyday products. Click below to learn more because simple tweaks can make a big impact.

Our Homes

The health of our bodies are also influenced by our indoor environments, especially since we spend 90% of our time inside. Click below to learn what you should know about your home.

Detox Your Stuff

Simple adjustments can pivot you gradually towards a healthier, happier life. The sections below offer different entry points for you to explore further. Start with whichever one feels most comfortable. This is a lifestyle that takes a lifetime to craft. Enjoy the process!

Interior Design

because how we design our homes influences our indoor environmental health


because some ingredients in our personal care products enter and reside in our bodies. They have been found in our blood, breastmilk, and cord blood


because technology is the biggest threat to our attention and meaningful connections, and they also create unprecedented exposures to man-made EMFs. Healthy habits can protect us

Cleaning Products

because cleaning products are a major source of indoor air pollution and indoor air is estimated to be at least 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, even in the most industrialized cities


because diet—from the ingredients to the materials that touch them—are a major source of toxic exposures


because reducing our toxic exposures during pregnancy can help the biological foundation of your children


because products for infants to teenagers can contain exposures that threaten their developing biology (brains, organs, reproductive systems)

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