Diet? Check.

Exercise? Check.

Toxic Exposures?
Let us help you check that one off!


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D-Tox = Edit your life to hack your toxic exposures

1: Do you know about your toxic exposures?

Toxic exposures is an unknown pillar of health. Our chronic sources come from within our own homes.

Our Chemical Explosion

2. We should think about detoxing as often as we think about diet and exercise.

Health Benefits

3. Our Homes Are Interconnected

Homes = our indoor environments + our bodies + our planet

Our Homes




D-Tox Benefits

Our toxic exposures are being linked to a wide range of chronic conditions and other health issues. By D-Toxing, or evaluating which changes you can make to hack your toxic exposures, you can hack your toxic exposures, and help the following:

Health Benefits

  • Your immunity. For example, dioxins are highly toxic compounds widespread in our environment. They can weaken the immune system, contribute to reproductive issues, cause developmental problems, act as endocrine disruptors, and cause cancer. 
  • Your brain and nervous system. For example, lead is highly toxic to the brain. Yet, it's still found in everyday household products, including children's products. 
  • Your endocrine system. For example, synthetic chemicals that comprise our household products can interfere with our endocrine systems, wreaking havoc on our biology. 
  • Your reproductive system. For example, chemicals found in everyday products can adversely affect your reproductive system.
  • Your children, and possibly your grandchildren. For example, epigenetics is proving that toxic exposures at certain times can influence the genetic expressions of our children and sometimes our grandchildren. 
  • Healing. Healing can be empowered when we support it with key factors.


Other Benefits

By hacking your toxic exposures--editing your life to identify changes to hack toxic chemicals, heavy metals, electromagnetic fields (EMFs)--you may notice additional benefits than the potential health effects listed above. For example, some people may experienced improvements in the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Weight or body shape
  • Social connections
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