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Sophia's book A to Z of D-Toxing has been critically-acclaimed by various experts, including leading physicians, researchers, and academics in the field of toxic exposures. As you can read in the testimonials below (from a wide range of perspectives), A to Z of D-Toxing is a thoughtful, fact-based book that offers practical advice on how to detox your home, body, and our planet.

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Check out just a small sample of respect and praise that A to Z of D-Toxing has attracted. A to Z of D-Toxing has been connecting Sophia with researchers, scientists, physicians, professors, and everyday people.

If you care about your health and wellness, then you need this book. If you watch your diet and exercise, then you will want this book.


Hooman Yaghoobzadeh, MD

"I am truly impressed with Sophia Gushée's book and it is an unbelievable resource. In our quest for healthier lives through preventative medicine with diet and exercise, we have forgotten the potential hazards lurking in common products all around us. This well researched and scholarly work is one that I know I will turn to often in my clinical practice."

According to New York magazine, with more than 60,000 doctors, NYC has more MDs than anywhere else in the world. Dr. Yaghoobzadeh was selected as one of NYC's best doctors (cardiovascular disease) in 2017.

Frank Lipman, MD

"Sophia Ruan Gushée's A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures is exactly that: a comprehensive guide to common household products that may harbor dangerous chemicals and toxins hidden in their ingredients. Her in-depth research makes this book a helpful, easy-to-read manual for any head of household concerned with reducing toxins in everyday life."

A pioneer and internationally-recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and Functional Medicine, Frank Lipman, MD is the founder and director of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City and the creator of Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman, a proprietary brand of dietary supplements, detoxifying cleanses and health coaching services. He is also an author, including of New York Times bestselling books.

David O. Carpenter, MD

"Sophia Ruan Gushée has provided a great and useful book. It is a very readable but very scientifically accurate account of toxins in common products we all use almost every day, with appropriate information on how we can reduce our exposures to ourselves and especially to our children. The chemicals of concern are identified and their presence in everything from shampoos to foods to furniture is reported, including ways by which one can avoid excessive exposure."

Dr. Carpenter is a public health physician who serves as director of the Institute for Health and the Environment, a Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization, as well as a professor of environmental health sciences at University of Albany's School of Public Health.

Dr. Carpenter has more than 370 peer-reviewed publications, 6 books and 50 reviews and book chapters to his credit.

Elena Brower

"A to Z of D-Toxing is a veritable encyclopedia regarding the nature of the substances with which we interact everyday - in our homes, our food, our drinks, our childrens' products, and much more.

Turn to this book to learn valuable details about how you can keep your home, your body and your family educated and safe.

Thank you Sophia, for creating this invaluable resource."

Elena is author of Art of Attention and Practice You; a revered and highly popular yoga and meditation teacher; and founder of

Latham Thomas

"Sophia Gushée is a leader and refreshing voice in the environmental health and wellness community. A to Z of D-Toxing is the new bible, setting a new standard for families wanting to take a deep dive into optimal wellbeing providing the very best for their children and protecting them from toxic exposures. Gushée uses an educational rather than punitive approach to disseminating the information in the book. A to Z of D-Toxing should be required reading for expectant and new parents."

Maternity Lifestyle Maven, Founder of

Tim Elgren, PhD

"As consumers, parents, occupants of a stressed planet, many of us seek information and strategies to reduce our exposure to toxins and those that are introduced into the environment. This book is a timely and invaluable resource for all. I urge you to keep it within reach and consult it often."

Ashley Chmelka

"I had such an amazing experience meeting Sophia and having her share her wealth of knowledge about detoxifying my environment in preparation for my first baby coming in July. I was amazed of the little changes she suggested that can make a big healthy lifestyle difference."

Sophia and Ashley Chmelka, a popular influencer, enjoyed a "detox for baby" consultation.

"Learning how to avoid toxic exposures through Sophia's practical d-tox method has been invaluable! Sophia's advice has helped me reduce chronic health symptoms that I've experienced for decades, such as daily head- and stomach- aches, and skin irritations. I'm grateful that this d-tox strategy gave me more control over my health! Thank you, Sophia!"

Ashley S. Cooke


Introduced in 2017, the free #AirplaneModeChallenge has already helped people learn more about electromagnetic fields, and help people sleep! See the testimonials below.

"Though I've had many discussions with friends regarding the benefits of removing electronics from the bedroom for a better night's sleep, it's not until recently that I finally decided to test it out. I started by simply turning my cell phone (which is always on my night table when I sleep) on airplane mode. That night I had the deepest, most restorative sleep I'd had in years! The difference in my quality of sleep was unmistakable. The experiment also brought awareness to the fact that I hadn't been sleeping well all this time."

Michelle Choo
Mother of 2

"I never thought I could put my phone on airplane mode, because I'm in the habit of sifting through all the notifications when I wake up-- for news, and especially for work. But after being challenged to do so, I found I was able to sleep more soundly, and it turns out I don't miss reading notifications first thing in the morning! If I can do it, anyone can."

Matthew Tallarico
Tech Enthusiast

"After reading A to Z of D-Toxing, I began charging my phone on a dresser across the room instead of on my bedside table. Whereas before the change, I woke at frequent intervals throughout the night, now I sleep more peacefully the whole night through."

Anna Knoebel
Mother of 2

"I have done 7 days of having my phone on airplane mode while I sleep. It definitely allows me to sleep better. I'm not a great sleeper anyway, so I'll take all the help I can get!"

Joined #AirplaneModeChallenge after hearing Sophia speak to Leslie Reichert on the Clean Green Talk podcast about detoxing another kind of pollution in your homes: electromagnetic fields from electricity and wireless technologies


It was an honor to meet Al Gore. Sharing A to Z of D-Toxing with Vice President Al Gore was a proud moment!


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