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Our Homes

Household items, how we build and decorate our homes, and even our habits are chronic sources of toxic exposures. This section shares articles that provide an overview of key things you should know. Further below are categories with more detox tips you can pursue.


The Opportunities From Our Homes

Below are articles that help you appreciate how your home can become a healing space. More can be found throughout the blog, including in the Interior Design and Furnishings section.

  1. What is a healing space?
  2. How home can become your hottest wellness destination

Detox Your Homes

Click on a category below to identify another detox tweak that feels manageable for you.

Our Homes Are Interconnected

Click below to watch why I think of "Homes" as not just our real estate homes, but also our bodies (the homes of our organs, etc, and the first homes of our children) and our planet (our collective home).


small tweaks can transform our Homes

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7 Tips to Detox Your Home

I had so much fun visiting @DiCarolina (on Instagram) to help her audience get started with simple tweaks to detox their homes.


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