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Available Courses

1) Home Detox 101

Home Detox 101 lays out the most basic steps to detox your home's air, water, dust, hands, and sleep. When your home is healthier, so are the bodies of those who spend time in it.

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2) EMF Detox: The Ultimate 21-Day Digital Detox

Reduce your electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and you will create an environment that supports improved sleep, less brain fog, more presence, more likeability, and optimized wellness.

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How much will you make?

Earn 20% of sales transactions completed through your affiliate link. Currently, the prices of workshops range from $99 to $149.  

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Affiliates will be paid their full balance at the end of each month via PayPal.


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You can get more technical information about how the platform's affiliate program works (such as cookie duration) here.





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