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Always inspired by her family, Sophia published her first book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures in October 2015. Essential for those who want to create a healthy home, the bestselling A to Z of D-Toxing has been critically-acclaimed by some of the world's leading physicians, researchers, and professors as well as conscious consumers.

Sophia has been featured on the most popular platforms, including the Dr. Oz Show, HEALTH magazine, Family magazine, MindBodyGreen, Today.com, and Well+Good. Sophia is also a member of the Well + Good Council and the Advisory Council for the Brown University School of Public Health.

Sophia is a sought-after expert on panels, podcasts, radio shows, and various other platforms. She also hosts her own podcast, Practical Nontoxic Living, and has workshops—Home Detox and EMF Detox—at her online D-Tox Academy.

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Healthy Home & Clean Living Guru

"Healthy home guru" and "clean-living guru" are examples of how Sophia has been described by Well+Good, the two-time Webby Award-winning website (The New York Times has described the Webby Award as the "Internet's highest honor"). Sophia was invited to become a member of the elite Well+Good Council. From the Well+Good website:

The Council Members span the wellness spectrum, from yoga guru and author Sophia Gushee, who's become the authority on living a non-toxic life, to designer Norma Kamali, who will focus on feminism and fashion. And that's just to name a few!

With a successful former career in investment management, Sophia has become sought after for her expertise on practical nontoxic living,

Sophia is a graduate of Brown University, and Columbia Business School. She is also a certified yoga teacher. 

Sophia and her husband live in NYC with their three children and dog, Lola. 


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Sophia has been writing, speaking, and teaching about health and wellness on a number of platforms. She welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with others. Click on the images below to browse select highlights of her portfolio of work.

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