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Detox Your Home to Create a Healing Space

with nontoxic lifestyle expert

Sophia Ruan Gushée 



The most effective way to detox your body is to detox what you expose it to, especially at home. That's the kind of detoxing that I focus on.
Reducing your toxic exposures is the most safe and effective approach to detoxing your body.

The health and wellness that we are each capable of experiencing may be as unique as our fingerprints. Through a healthy lifestyle, we can optimize our potential. Often overlooked are the toxic exposures from what we buy and do. And our homes is an important, and manageable, area that we can detox. 

This platform aims to help your journey of detoxing your home and family. We will focus on the toxic exposures—toxic chemicals, heavy metals, electromagnetic fields, and other non-supportive energy—from what you buy and do.

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—Sophia Ruan Gushée


I'm Sophia Ruan Gushée.

And I'm happy to help you enjoy simple nontoxic living.

I am here to guide, support, and empower you to detox your home and habits. This will then help detox the potential body burdens of those living in your home.

My detox approach is to reduce your toxic exposures from what you buy and do, while never threatening your joy.

I aim to show people that practical nontoxic living can enrich your life with beauty, peace, and abundance. 

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Transform Your Homes

Into Healing Spaces

Did you know that your home could be a space that supports your repair and restoration? Yup.

In fact, hospitals have been incorporating these evidence-based design elements to facilitate the healing of hospital patients and wellbeing of hospital staff and visitors.

An important aspect of a healing space, however, is removing unnecessary harmful exposures.

In addition, you probably already know that diet, exercise, nature, sleep and community are key pillars to health. But do you know that our toxic exposures matter too?

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