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Easy tips and tricks from nontoxic lifestyle expert Sophia Ruan Gushée.

Whether you want to help yourself, your family, or your employees / colleagues, this platform helps people identify easy ways to detox their environments, habits, and bodies.

We will focus on the toxic exposures—toxic chemicals, heavy metals, electromagnetic fields, and other non-supportive energy (including stress)—from what you buy and do. What's good for your body is also good for our planet, so our efforts are innately planet-friendly too.

What are the cleanses that work? Which toxin cleanse do I recommend?
A home detox and an EMF detox!
The most effective way to detox your body is to detox your home and habits. 

The health and wellness that we are each capable of experiencing may be as unique as our fingerprints. Through a healthy lifestyle, we can optimize our potential. Often overlooked are the toxic exposures from what we buy and do. And our home is an important, and manageable, area that we can detox. Take a minute to explore some of our free non toxic living services that we've put together for our loyal community.

That's the kind of detoxing that I focus on. Reducing your toxic exposures is the most safe and effective approach to detoxing your body. And A to Z of D-Toxing is essential for healthy living.

Since I wanted to refer to this healthy living book often, I designed the book to be easy-to-skim (you can learn something by flipping to any page and reading one sentence), and cool enough to leave on a coffee table.


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Stay connected to this like-minded community. Join my online D-Tox Academy, which is anchored by online detox programs Home Detox 101 and EMF Detox. Start with my free introduction: Detox 101.

Curious about my household staples? Want to know which non toxic non stick pans I use? Detox 101 shares my household staples with you, which can help launch you into practical nontoxic living.

Click below to experience this free introduction. From then, you can view brief videos and my Amazon shopping list of must-have items for cleaning products, cleaning tools, laundry detergent, non toxic pans and pots, kitchen appliances, and EMF protection products.


I'm Sophia Ruan Gushée.

What is the meaning of non toxic? There's no such thing as nontoxic. But there are practical nontoxic choices.

I am here to guide, support, and empower you to detox your home and habits with practical tips. This will then help reduce the potential body burdens of those living in your home. We will pursue simple tweaks: Low hanging fruit as they say in business.

My detox approach is to hack your toxic exposures from what you buy and do, while never threatening your joy.

I aim to show people that practical nontoxic living can enrich your life with beauty, peace, and abundance. Learn more about our non toxic living expert and the mission that she is on to help others.

Interested in employee wellness programs? I help with that too. More below or here: Corporate Wellness Programs.


Transform Your Home

Optimize your healthy living for a healthy home and healthy body. Start with my free introduction to my D-Tox Academy: Detox 101. This will also provide access to my Amazon practical nontoxic shopping lists of household staples.

Helpful tweaks are available for everyone. If you're thinking about hiring professionals (like for indoor air quality testing and electromagnetic field testing), then you may get even more benefits from your hired professionals after first completing the Home Detox 101 and EMF Detox programs.


Home can be a Healing Space

Science has proved that certain design elements can transform space—like hospital rooms or homes—into contributing factors for healing. How might your life be transformed if home was a healing space?

Step 1: Detox your home! Learn more with these blog articles:



Engage Sophia for Wellness Programs at Work or as a Personal Wellness Consultant


Sophia is a healthy living consultant who has superb experience working with companies and individuals. When individual health and wellness are optimized, others benefit as well including families and companies. Empower yourself or your employees with important information that can alleviate their concerns about making healthy choices for themselves, their families, and their home.

Hiring Sophia as your corporate wellness consultant would be especially meaningful for those wanting to optimize their health for fertility, a healthy pregnancy outcome, nursing mothers, and for children. Corporations: please consider these workplace wellness programs for your female employees! This would be invaluable support along with many other benefits of workplace wellness programs. Reach out to our work and home consultant today for more information and other valuable corporate wellness program ideas.


Resources for the Healthy House

Explore the Blog

If you're new to my website then check out my healthy living blog where I share valuable information and tips about how to create a healthy living environment in your home. I update the blog on a weekly basis so that you're in the "know"!

Blog articles have also been organized into "Detox Guides" to help you find what is most relevant to you. For example, under the Cleaning Detox Guide, you can educate yourself more about the risks/safety of organic cleaning products and natural cleaning products. Discover non toxic cleaners that are also eco friendly cleaning products and multipurpose. I use simple ingredients from which I can create anything from a non toxic oven cleaner to all natural baby products. In the Interior Design Detox Guide, read about the risks of so called green products.

Detox Guides: CleaningSelf-Care, Interior Furnishings, EMFs, Technology, Diet, Pregnancy, and Family.


Listen to the Podcast

This is one of the best podcasts for women and men who want to live a non toxic life. I can't stop exploring my curiosities and am grateful for the opportunities to continue learning from the top experts. I make these conversations available as free healthy living podcasts in hopes that you will start to find the search for practical nontoxic living—to establish healthy living at home—as fascinating, empowering, and rewarding as I have.

After I published one of the best healthy living books, A to Z of D-Toxing in October 2015, I realized that improving indoor air quality is not just about detoxing toxic fumes and dust, but it also includes detoxing manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Topics covered on my healthy lifestyle podcast that I didn't cover as much in the book include EMF sensitivity (or electromagnetic sensitivity), chemical sensitivity, EMF toxicity, energy balance and optimization, reproductive healthy and fertility, and natural remedies to restore health, healing, and resiliency. Check out one of the best health and wellness podcasts today.


Read my Book

I created A to Z of D-Toxing to be the must-have reference book for nontoxic living. It covers key areas that a head of household should know for practical approaches to creating a non toxic environment: cleaning, personal care products, diet, interior furnishings, and children's stuff. Pick from hundreds of tips to improve indoor air quality and more. Take a moment today to learn more about my Non Toxic Living Book.

The overview of toxic exposures and how it may affect our health sets a good foundation from which to appreciate the benefits of taking breaks from our current levels of EMFs (especially with the potential cocktail effect), and why some (young life, pregnant women, elderly, and families) need extra protection.

A to Z of D-Toxing provokes important questions—like whether there could possibly be non toxic cleaning products, non toxic makeup, and what is non toxic. This is what makes it one of the best healthy lifestyle books available. But it also offers a 10-stage "D-Tox Strategy" that is essential in a healthy home program. 


D-Tox Academy

Don't have time or desire to research which detox steps to take? Then become a member of the D-Tox Academy to access detox workshops: Home Detox 101 and EMF Detox. It was designed for my younger self, who often thought, "I don't want to do the research! I wish an informed mom would just tell me what I should know and my options of what I can do — prioritized by importance or impact. And in a 10-30 second video!" Since I never found that, I created the D-Tox Academy to fulfill that wish.

Free Introduction

Get a sneak peak into what Home Detox 101 and EMF Detox is like my clicking below to register for this free introduction. This online portal offers brief videos about detoxing and how the D-Tox Academy can help you. From here, you can also access my Amazon shopping list of household staples and the EMF protection products that I use. In addition, you can also join us as we explore different innovative monthly themes that revolve around exploring the universe within ourselves.

Home Detox 101

Home Detox 101 will jumpstart your home detox by focusing on five key areas, including improving indoor air quality and water filtration. It offers power-lessons (including brief videos and checklists) to teach you just what you need to know for you to decide which "low hanging fruit" you can pursue. We offer many effective detox workshops that can help improve various aspects of your life. You can also see video interviews and other content not shown anywhere else. Click below to learn more.

EMF Detox

Detox your home and habits of unnecessary electromagnetic fields (EMFs) through my EMF Detox program. It offers 21 power-lessons (including brief videos and checklists) as well as supplementary and bonus materials. You can also see video interviews and other content not shown anywhere else.

Everyone should experience this EMF Detox, or an elimination diet of EMFs, to see if they may have EMF sensitivity. Think of how we do elimination diets to discover what we may be allergic to. We should also detox EMFs to see if we feel better.


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