Dairy -- Why The HUGE Misunderstanding? Milk Ads

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017


Viewing the comprehensive and impressive milk ads helped me understand why I had grown up thinking that I should drink more milk, why the perception of milk was so disconnected from the scientific studies that I've been reading about lately. See below...

"The dairy industry...is particularly powerful in this country. Founded in 1915, the well-organized, well-funded National Dairy Council has been promoting milk for almost a hundred years. In 1995, two major milk industry groups put a new face on their old establishment, renaming it Dairy Management, Inc. The purpose of this new group was "to do one thing: increase demand for U.S.-produced dairy products," to cite their Web Site. They had a 2003 marketing budget of more than $165 million to do it. In comparison, the National Watermelon Promotion Board has a budget of $1.6 million."

-- The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell (2006), page 291

While looking for images for my post on Dairy, I was impressed by the Got Milk? campaign. Given all that I've learned about how harmful milk is, viewing the milk ads helped me understand why I never thought to question whether milk was good for me. Below is a relatively small sample of the endorsements...


Milk Ad Batman Milk Ad Superman Milk Ad Superhero Tomb Raider Milk Ad Hugh Jackman Milk Ad Superhero Hulk Milk Ad Superhero

TV Heroes...

Milk Ad Heroes Milk Ad Heroes Hayden

Movie Characters...

Milk Ad Movie Characters Legolas Milk Ad Move Characters Fantastic Four


Milk Ad Christie Brinkley Milk Ad Rebecca Romijn Milk Ad Supermodel Kate Moss Milk Ad Heidi-Klum


Milk Ad Beckham Milk Ad Athletes Chris Everet Milk Ad Athlete Andy RoddickMilk Ad Athlete Gabriela Sabatini Milk Ad Athlete Tom Brady Milk Ad Athlete Tennis Player Ivanovic


Milk Ad Musician Beyonce Milk Ad Musician Rhianna Milk Ad Musician Miley Cyrus Milk Ad Musician Taylor Swift

Other Celebrities...

Milk Ad Movie Stars Brooke Shields_milk Milk Ad Olsen Twins Milk Ad TV Mischa Barton Milk Ad TV Today Show Milk Ad Dr. Phil Milk Ad Liz Hurley

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