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Faux Gras: A Delicious Vegan Foie Gras

Mar 21, 2017


by guest writer


A few weeks ago, I attended a fascinating event on sustainable food systems and urban agriculture. After the two-hour seminar on the current state of our food system and its future, there was a lovely reception with local food and wine vendors. The food was delicious! My absolute favorite dish that night was called "Faux Gras" made by The Regal Vegan.


Faux Gras by The Regal Vegan; Toasted Walnut Lentil Pate


The Faux Gras is a gluten-free, all natural toasted walnut and lentil pate that is rich and creamy! The spread is packed with protein, fiber and omega-3s. Faux Gras tastes almost like real foie gras (duck or goose liver), except much tastier, healthier, better for the environment, and kinder to animals (it's free of them)!

I had the opportunity to meet the Regal Vegan herself (Brooklyn chef Ella Nemcova) and learn more about her story and her business. She offers some great tips for those who are just becoming interested in vegan-ism, perfect for any Oprah-inspired fans!

Check out The Regal Vegan at a guest chef appearance at Willliams-Sonoma Columbus Circle this Saturday February 12 from 2-4pm. Free cooking demo entitled "Making Food that Loves Those You Love."


When did you become a vegan and what were the reasons you chose this lifestyle? I went vegan in 2007 after a trip around the world and a major cleanse. It started as a dietary decision, and branched out into a holistic choice. I felt so different not eating meat, and taking such care in my choices. My body changed, my skin changed. Eventually the choice not to eat meat became an aha moment - I realized that consuming the flesh of a terrified animal couldn't possibly be good for me - consciousness-wise or physically, and that it couldn't be working for the greater good of the planet. It all clicked one day.

What are some of your fridge and pantry staples?

Tempeh, cashews, avocados, quinoa, kale, Vegenaise, lentils, fresh herbs, kombucha, sesame oil, tamari, ume plum vinegar, agave, pappadam (thin East-Indian bread made with lentil flour), rice noodles, almond milk, and seaweed.

What's your favorite vegan dish to eat?


What's one easy vegan dish for any amateur cook?


Quinoa Tabbouleh


Chana Saag (chickpeas and spinach).

Where are your favorite places in NYC to shop for groceries?

Park Slope Food Co-op.

What do you like to cook for yourself?

I make a lot of tempeh salads, Asian noodle and veggie dishes, quinoa tabbouleh.

What inspired Faux Gras?

My family. We ate a lot of chopped liver type spreads when I was growing up, and in an attempt to feel the comfort of my ancestral foods, I played with paté recipes until Faux Gras was born. I use a lot of caramelized onions in my recipe, and it reminds me of my mom's cooking.

Are there any other vegan products you're working on?

I'm launching a Basil & Creamed Cashew Spread that tastes like a cross between pesto and herbed goat cheese. I just launched it at my holiday pop-up shop in Soho this past December. I'm playing with a curried cashew spread with cilantro chutney, and some tempeh salads.

For our readers outside of NYC, when will Faux Gras be available online?

Faux Gras IS already available online. There is a 6 piece minimum to ship, all one needs to do is email us at [email protected].

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