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On becoming a Well+Good Council member

Sep 18, 2017


This month, I officially joined the Well+Good Council. Examples of fellow members include: 

  • Gabby Bernstein: New York Times best-selling author of five ground-breaking books on modern spirituality
  • Dr. Robin Berzin: a leader of functional medicine, as well as founder and CEO of Parsley Health, an innovative primary care practice
  •  Joey Gonzalez: CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp
  • Normal Kamali: a visionary fashion designer, entrepreneur, and feminist
  • Miranda Kerr: supermodel, former Victoria’s Secret Angel, and creator of Kora Organics, an all-natural Australian beauty line
  • Elle Macpherson: supermodel, and wellness entrepreneur
  • Dr. Drew Ramsey: a Columbia University-based psychiatrist and farmer, Dr. Ramsey specializes in the connection between food and brain health, and is author of several cookbooks including 50 Shades of Kale
  • Kimberly Snyder: New York Times best‐selling author, and founder of Glow Bio, an organic juice cleanse company
  • and more inspiring wellness pros

Needless to say, I'm honored, grateful, and very excited to join this hip, edgy, wellness community.

The launch event was held at 'deepak homebase,' which is space at ABC Home in Manhattan for Deepak Chopra. Yes, Deepak Chopra really spends time there! I was interviewed by a Well+Good crew in Deepak's private office. It was super cool.


"What do you wish the world knew about wellness?"

At the event, each Council member that was present was asked to respond (in 1 minute) to the question, "What do you wish the world knew about wellness?"

I was so excited by the question because, for the last decade (of working on my book A to Z of D-Toxing and continuing to spread awareness about how to reduce our toxic exposures), I have been working really hard for more people to embrace that our toxic exposures is as important a pillar of health as are diet and exercise!

To prevent rambling for minutes way beyond the requested 1 minute, I jotted down my thoughts ahead of time. Therefore, I can easily share them with you, which are further below. However, at the event, I shared only the first wish. There was no time to share the second one!


What do you wish the world knew about wellness?

There are two key things that I wish the world knew about wellness.

First, I wish more of the world knew that our toxic exposures are quite influenced by what we buy and do.

Most people don't realize that since WWII, 82K+ chemicals have been introduced into the world. And less than 1% of these have been tested for safety. Even fewer have been regulated. These chemicals show up as cleaning products, beauty products, personal care products, athletic wear, and much more. Many of these chemicals are found in our air, water, soil, and therefore food supply and drinking water. Some of these chemicals show up in our blood, urine, breastmilk, and cord blood.

I often use the word toxic "exposures" because what we buy and do introduce us not just to chemicals, but also heavy metals and electromagnetic fields, like cell phone radiation.

So, what I really want you to know, is that our toxic exposures from what we buy and do is an important pillar of health that should be considered as often as diet and exercise.

Second, I wish the world redefined how we think of our home. I've learned with an abundance of proof that our inner environments reflect our outer environments. I want more people to know that our Homes are not just where we live, but also our planet and our bodies, which are not just the homes of our organs and other key parts, but also the first homes of our children.



Let your senses and symptoms guide your detox journey.

Each month, we will "meditate" on a body part or system. The goal is to connect with our body, senses, and symptoms to rely on this curiosity and "listening" as guidance for a gentle, detox journey.



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