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This is the one-stop "shop" to edit your life to hack your toxic exposures. Start unburdening your body today! A healthy diet and regular exercise are not the only key pillars of health: toxic exposures is key also.



The "Guts" of the D-Tox Academy

Below are the key components of the D-Tox Academy, which are key sources of toxic exposures.

Detox Your Clean

Did you know that manufacturers of cleaning products are not required to disclose what's in them? Their ingredients are protected as confidential business information. As a result, it is often impossible to know whether they are safe. Start reading product labels and you'll realize how little is revealed. 

This program presents three "lanes" you can follow to detox your clean. This is an excellent program to grow with as you are ready for more change.

Detox Your Personal Care

Ingredients in our personal care products have been found in our blood, urine, breastmilk, and cord blood. Learn how to consider reducing your toxic exposures from your self-care and beauty routines!

This program empowers you with important information, practical tips, and helps you identify changes that you won't mind making!

Detox Your Diet

Diet is a major source of toxic exposures. This program teaches you how to detox your diet of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. 

Detox Your EMFs

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs), another type of indoor air pollution, are created from your wired and wireless products. Modern science is underscoring a precautionary approach, especially for the most vulnerable: our children. This program leads you through a 21-day digital detox. Sophia has distilled 10 years of research into 21 high-impact hacks. 

Detox Your Interior Design

This program can help you select home furnishings that are mindful of your indoor air quality. This is ideal for those looking to: renovate a room (like into a home office or nursery); buy a new sofa, rug, or mattress; re-paint; or edit their stuff to improve their indoor environmental health.

Detox Your Children's Stuff

Children's products can be sources of toxic chemical flame retardants, heavy metals, and other exposures that threaten their biological processes and development. Learn how to be more mindful of reducing your children's unnecessary toxic exposures.


Welcome to the D-Tox Academy!

This is a fun, light, smart overview of key facts and terms you should know. Collectively, they provide excellent "fact dots" to help you appreciate why we'll be doing what we'll be doing. You'll seem like an expert in minimal time.

Hack Your Toxic Exposures 101

This program guides you through a detox of your indoor air, dust, hands, water, and sleep.

Detox Your Baby Preparations

This area will highlight key ways to evaluate your baby preparations so that you can be mindful of minimizing your baby's toxic exposures.

Detox Your Workout

Gadgets, props, and habits can influence our toxic exposures. Learn which tweaks can detox your workout.

Program Details

Information on how to optimize your health is more abundant than ever. Sophia's goal in creating the D-Tox Academy is to create a space that is as quiet as possible. And filled with just wise and practical tips. The D-Tox Academy will share just what you need to know for practical changes.

Benefits of Joining the D-Tox Academy


  • Learn to detox your home in minimal time
  • Access groundbreaking programs to hack your toxic exposures from what you buy and do
  • Get personalized checklists of action items to identify healthier changes that you won't mind making
  • Enjoy programs that will empower you through videos, audio files, PDFs, checklists, and bonus materials
  • Be supported by the team at Practical Nontoxic Living, who will track your progress so that you are ensured to learn helpful tips
  • Join the private FaceBook group of the D-Tox Academy, where you can learn even more helpful information, connect with others, and ask questions and share successes
  • Gain more personalized support through Sophia's weekly "office hours."

Join Sophia's "INNER CIRCLE"

Most people want to know which brands Sophia buys. When you join Sophia's Inner Circle membership level, you'll learn which specific products she buys and why. You'll gain intimate insight into her homes, kitchen, and approaches towards her personal life: cleaning, personal care, diet, decorating, technology/EMFs, and raising a family with her uniquely holistic, health-consciousness perspective.

Sophia's Practical Nontoxic Living

In the Inner Circle membership, you'll peek inside Sophia's personal life to see how she applies her expertise into practical balance. Also, learn which brands she buys for:

  • Beauty
  • Cleaning (including cleaning products and tools)
  • Diet, food, cooking products, and cooking approaches
  • Interior design (including decorating and basic things, like mattresses)
  • Kids
  • Babies
  • EMFs
  • Personal care

In addition, you'll gain immediate access to Sophia's curated Amazon eStore, which displays some of Sophia's household staples for cleaning, personal care, the pantry, and any of her other key items that she can buy on Amazon.


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