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Detox with nontoxic lifestyle expert Sophia Ruan Gushée 

This is the one-stop "shop" to edit your life to hack your toxic exposures. Start unburdening your body today! A healthy diet and regular exercise are not the only key pillars of health: toxic exposures is key also.




The D-Tox Academy can fast-track you towards more resilient health. 

Included in this free sneak peak is a page that curates Sophia's household staples. Join to see which products she uses to clean her home, and which kitchen appliances she can't live without. Plus, they're all sold on Amazon: extra convenient!

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Home Detox 101 lays out the most basic steps to detox your home's air, water, dust, hands, and sleep. When your home is healthier, so are the bodies of those who spend time in it.

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For less than $5 per day, learn invaluable tips to create a digital detox that is sustainable for a modern life. Created to reduce your exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which are generated from wireless and wired technologies, the potential benefits from this program are immeasurable. 

Detox Your Inbox

Learn simple tips to detox your home and body.


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