Innovators of Wellness

May 4, 2017












Opening Remarks

Sophia welcomed an audience full of wellness influencers: journalists, social influencers, and business owners. To read Sophia's opening remarks, which set the context and intention for the Innovators of Wellness event, click: Read Sophia's welcoming remarks.

Closing Remarks

The event's conversation was so rich and interesting that Sophia didn't have time to share her closing remarks. Click here to read the key inspirations she hoped everyone would leave with: Sophia's Closing Remarks for Innovators of Wellness.

Agenda of Innovators of Wellness

Five trailblazers answer questions at Sophia Ruan Gushée's first Innovators of Wellness event May 2017 in Zaha Hadid's 520 W28th Street building in NYC. Special speakers included: Melanie Whelan of SoulCycle, Dr. Frank Lipman, an internationally-recognized expert in integrative medicine; Melisse Gelula, Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Well + Good; Abby Levy, President of Thrive Global; and Greg Gushée, EVP at Related Companies. The group discussed "good medicine," diet, sleep, stress, burnout, personal transformation, wellness trends, and healthy real estate.

Also at Innovators of Wellness:

Deborah Hanekamp (Mama Medicine) 

Deborah Hanekamp is a seeress carrying over 16 years in the healing arts. She is an initiated Amazonian shaman, Reiki master, and yogini; and has been featured in VogueNew York Times, and Marie Claire.


Radiant Human Aura Photography

Radiant Human is the first of its kind: a roving aura photography laboratory that conducts extrasensory image-making!


Even more...

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Sophia Ruan Gushée

Author of the critically-acclaimed book A to Z of D-Toxing, and social entrepreneur

As someone who is passionate about spreading awareness about our toxic exposures from everyday consumer products, I've become fascinated by other pillars of wellness that also deserve more attention.

Motivated by other pioneers in wellness, I've gathered some of them to meet in Manhattan on May 4th. 

Register to watch the event live and hear their stories. It will inspire, enlighten, and empower you.


-- Sophia Ruan Gushée,

Creator of Innovators of WellnessTM