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Have you heard of EMF sensitivity? I suspect that you will be hearing about it a lot more in the future. It reminds me of how I never heard about allergies to nuts or dairy as a kid. Today, however, dietary allergies are an active thing to manage when preparing school lunches and snacks. . Only after a lot of accidental discoveries and experiences about the potential health effects of EMFs (like the rapid growth in medical images on all of us, including children) did I start to learn more proactively about which precautionary measures I could adopt. As I learned about common symptoms of EMF sensitivity, I eventually learned that I am EMF-sensitive. . I learned this only after an elimination diet of EMFs. When I'm around higher exposures again, I notice the return of chronic symptoms. Just like we can learn how we feel if we detox our diets of dairy or artificial sugars, we can learn how we feel from an EMF detox. . For ex, I now recognize my body's symptoms and sensations when my husband's wireless printer is on in the next room. I can often tell when Bluetooth is on in the car too. I think many people can develop this awareness if they experiment with an EMF diet. . This is a blessing because I am now empowered to protect my children. Children are uniquely vulnerable since they can absorb more radiation than can adults. My symptoms inform when I can investigate EMF sources to reduce. . In honor of this month's brain meditation detox, I will bring attention to the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). EMF exposures may weaken our BBB, a membrane that is critical to protecting our brains. A weakened BBB can make our brain more vulnerable to toxic chemicals and heavy metals. For the developing brain, there may be greater risks. This further underscores my desire to take precautionary measures. . Swipe up in Insta-story to read my article on EMF sensitivity. And pick one simple change to start your EMF elimination diet. . . . #eliminationdiet #brainawarenessweek #brainawareness #bloodbrainbarrier #brainfog #emfsensitivity #nontoxicliving #nontoxic #nontoxichome

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