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Our New, Double Stroller: UppaBaby Vista 2010

Mar 21, 2017

Over Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I were admiring the new UppaBaby Vista 2010 stroller that friends of ours just purchased for their newborn.  In many ways, it looked like the BugaBoo that we had purchased in 2007, but, unlike the BugaBoo, the UppaBaby Vista has the potential to grow into a double stroller.

Completely trusting our friends' market research and selection of the UppaBaby Vista (our friends are more detailed in their research than we are), we didn't perform any additional research on double strollers (though I had already looked into the Phil and Ted double stroller, which many parents seem to like), and proceeded to buy the UppaBaby Vista 2010 stroller along with the Rumble seat.

Other double strollers seem to have the two seats either side-by-side (which makes the stroller a bit too wide for our crowded City streets) or have one seat facing the back of the other (which seems like a depressing view for the child facing the back of the other seat!).

We were excited that the UppaBaby stroller allows the two children to face each other.  So that's one of the key reasons we purchased it.  In addition, it has some additional flexibility.  A "piggyBack" may be purchased so that your toddler may stand, like in the image below.

The stroller comes with a bassinet (for the stroller) and a bassinet stand may even be purchased for your infant.  We actually used our Bugaboo's bassinet as our first daughter's bed for the first six months of her life.  This stand would have been a nice option!


We wish we knew about the UppaBaby stroller sooner!  Although the BugaBoo feels of higher quality (it feels sturdier, more stable, and has better traction), the UppaBaba Vista stroller has great versatility and is more able to grow with our family.  I highly recommend that parents consider this option! Below is a YouTube video that walks through the features of the UppaBaby Vista along with the Rumbleseat.

Product Features

  • It comes with a Cup Holder
  • Additional 1.5 inches of headroom in the seat so you can use the Vista longer.
  • One-touch parking brake is much easier to use.
  • No flat tires with rubbery treads simulate the great performance of air-filled tires, but they never go flat.
  • 4-wheel, shock absorbing suspension

Note as of February 16, 2011: I just read about a pretty cool double stroller that I haven't seen in person but is worth taking a look at: The Kinderwagon.

Do you have advice or recommendations on double strollers?  If so, then please share them below in Comments!

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