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Do we poop plastic?

home detox self-care Apr 12, 2021

In recent years, I have become more appreciative of how informative—revealing—poop can be. 

Since becoming a mom, I have become curious (prompted by our pediatrician's questions) about my children's poop—wondering about its consistency, color, and how frequently they eliminate.

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This article spotlights something less well-known: plastics in our poop.  Seven tips...

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My #1 AHA Moment: The Body Burden of Newborns

by Sophia Ruan Gushée


While preparing thoughts for recent speaking engagements, I struggled to explain concisely why—for the past 14 years—I have been studying and teaching the practical ways to eliminate chemicals, heavy metals, and EMFs from our homes, diet, self-care, and technology.

Since the start of my journey in 2007, when I became a mom to my first of three daughters, I have had hundreds of AHA moments. They each fueled...

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NEW PODCAST: "Sick of being sick"


[0:24] Guest introduction.

Often sick as a child, Nita Ewald explains that she got "sick of being sick."

Then, from around age 29-30, with a masters in chemistry, she started wondering, What's in my personal care products?

This curiosity led her to become more interested in the toxic chemicals in her everyday products--even before she became interested in healthy eating.

As Nita learned about the toxicity in her household products-- like her lotions and shampoo--Nita detoxed her...

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Will you listen to the sperm?

Below is the newsletter from Sunday 2021 March 7.


On this Sunday, a day during which many catch up on the news, I want to spotlight two recent New York Times articles that people brought to my attention.

In case you missed them, you can click on their titles below.

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Imperfect & Invaluable Detox Books

books Mar 02, 2021

Have you heard of the Ugly Food Movement?

It recognizes that a large portion of food waste occurs from fruits and vegetables that are not cosmetically perfect

Some interesting insights on food waste:

  • At least one-third of food produced globally is wasted, which is estimated to cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Time 2015
  • Cosmetically “imperfect” produce that grocery stores reject is estimated to contribute to around 40% of...
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Home Detox: A Simple Start

home detox Feb 05, 2021

On Tuesday February 2, I was delighted to launch a 3-event series for the Everwell community. The series will guide participants through my Home Detox Workbook. 

If you have a group that would be interested in this, then email [email protected]

It's always nice to evolve with friends.



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Infrared saunas: An interview with the founder of Sunlighten

home self-care Jan 29, 2021

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson


If you are interested in infrared saunas and their health benefits, then this episode will help. My guest is Connie Zack, co-owner of Sunlighten infrared saunas.

I was excited to speak to Connie because I have spent a lot of time researching infrared saunas. After hearing a few people talk about how helpful it was to spend time in infrared saunas, I didn't need much convincing that I wanted one too. 

I heard amazing experiences...

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What are the Safest Pots and Pans to Cook with in 2021?

diet kitchen Jan 24, 2021

Updated by Sophia Ruan Gushée on January 8, 2021

Whenever I dive deep into the safest pots and pans, I am surprised at how complicated it is for me to choose pots and pans that feel safe for my family. My conclusion: There is no such thing as nontoxic. Every option has a different set of benefits and risks. However, what feels most comfortable for me is cookware made from materials that are better understood after a long history of use: cast iron (without enamel or ceramic...

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What is the safest stainless steel for cookware, food containers, and flatware?

diet kitchen Jan 22, 2021

Stainless steel is often recommended as a safe material for nontoxic pots and pans, food containers, water bottles, and flatware. But is stainless steel always nontoxic? 

This article takes a deep dive into stainless steel so that you will learn:

  • How stainless steel formulas vary
  • What to look for when shopping for the safest nontoxic stainless steel pots and pans, food containers, water bottles, flatware, and utensils
  • How to use your stainless steel pots, pans, food...
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Best nontoxic glass food and beverage containers

diet kitchen Jan 20, 2021

Glass is often described as one of the most nontoxic options for kitchen cookware and drinkware. But, is it really nontoxic?

Since glass can be created with different formulas (or recipes), how safe glass is as cookware, drinkware, and food containers depends on what it's made of and if it's decorated. The most concerning ingredients that glass has been reported to contain include:

  • Lead (neurotoxic)
  • Cadmium (neurotoxic)
  • nanoparticles (minuscule size pose unknown but concerning risks;...
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