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Banana Peels for Your Skin?

self-care Mar 21, 2017

A Banana Plant

My mother recently called, excited to share a new discovery: banana peels as skin care.

She's had patches of itchy, rough patches of skin on her face for years.  Her doctors had prescribed a cortisone-based cream that worked but that became harsh for her skin.  She recently tried applying a banana peel on the patches, and she has been surprisingly relieved by its soothing effects!  She's only applied the banana peel on these patches twice a day for the...

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A Stroke of Insight

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017


Some of you may have heard of the book, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey; or, perhaps you have seen the author, Dr. Jill Taylor, on The Oprah Show.  Whether you have or not, you should check out the video below. Her 2008 presentation at a TED Conference is a thought-provoking reminder of the bliss that is possible to experience within our lifetime, if we so choose.

Dr. Jill Taylor is a Harvard-trained and published neuroanatomist who experienced a...

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Experience with Baby Carriers from Baby #1

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

"I studied the Kung San tribe of South Africa and discovered that their babies very rarely cry. Mothers soothe and calm their babies very quickly.  They carry them all day long while walking miles a day"

-- Harvey Karp, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics at UCLA and author of "The Happiest Baby on the Block" 
  • "Many childcare experts talk about the eighteen-month gestational period -- nine months in the...
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diet Mar 21, 2017

I've been juicing for about one month now and this new routine has changed my life!

"Juicing" for me entails a homemade green / vegetable / fruit juice first thing in the morning and another one in the evening. When I crave it, or if it's simply more convenient, I'll have additional juices (homemade or Norwalk-pressed from a juice bar) in between my morning and evening juices.

This modification in my diet has severely reduced my cravings -- *need* -- for wine and caffeine. Amazing. Especially...

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My Favorite Healthy Soups

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

Celery Root Soup by Tal Ronnen

Celery Root Soup by Tal Ronnen

Sometime last year, I was watching a chef on Oprah make a gourmet, dairy-free soup: Celery Root Soup with Granny Apples.  It looked beautiful and, based on Oprah's reaction, sounded delicious.  So impressed with the dairy- and animal- free recipes that I was learning about, I went online to purchase the cookbook immediately after the show.

The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnent

The recipe book The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen, the chef who created Oprah's 21-Day Cleanse menu, shares...

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Health: The Benefits of Fasting

diet self-care Mar 21, 2017

Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green in Central Park, NYC

Last year, I was introduced to the concept of detoxing one's body for pregnancy through monthly meetings at Tavern on the Green in Central Park, NYC (organized by BeamGreen).  One of the more memorable speakers was a raw foodie who had a fascinating personal experience of transforming himself from near-death in his 20s to a glowing, ageless-looking and vibrant +60-year old through a raw food diet.  This exuberant raw foodie (and popular...

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Crib on Wheels: I Wish I Had This Sooner!

baby bedroom nursery Mar 21, 2017


The Alma Papa Crib comes with a low toxic Coco-mat mattress. Please note that this article was originally written in 2012.

Already an owner of two cribs for my two girls, I reluctantly decided to buy a third crib and thought, wouldn't it be great to have a crib on wheels that would be thin enough to fit through doorways? Living in small NYC spaces, I'm constantly on the search for multi-functional, flexible things to minimize our stuff. So I was thrilled to discover the Alma Papa Crib!...

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Trunki: A Fun Suitcase That You Can Pull Your Kids On At The Airport

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

My three-year-old daughter loves packing.  She packs for hours.

Since I've recently been discovering some great low-toxic lunchboxes (we just received our PlanetBox lunchbox and love it!), I searched online for low-toxic children's suitcases. I couldn't find good options for travel but I did discover an adorable, fun, and award-winning suitcase: Trunki.




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What Makeup Do New Moms and Supermodels, Giselle and Miranda Kerr, Love? It's organic, nourishing, and flattering...

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2017

RMS Beauty products were used on Giselle in this photoshoot for H&M.

Spring is around the corner!  With warmer weather and more sunshine, I'm excited to start feeling fun-loving and pretty (it's been a long, cooped-up winter).  One of the first areas for improvement is my make-up.  In addition to wanting to look better, I have been wanting to detox my cosmetics with lower toxic options ever since reading (years ago) that an average person's morning routine probably exposes...

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Our New, Double Stroller: UppaBaby Vista 2010

baby Mar 21, 2017

Over Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I were admiring the new UppaBaby Vista 2010 stroller that friends of ours just purchased for their newborn.  In many ways, it looked like the BugaBoo that we had purchased in 2007, but, unlike the BugaBoo, the UppaBaby Vista has the potential to grow into a double stroller.

Completely trusting our friends' market research and selection of the UppaBaby Vista (our friends are more detailed in their research than we are), we didn't...

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