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Why Is Pornography Such a Problem Today, especially for Children?

by editorial team


Children’s exposure to pornography is not harmless fun. In fact, it may not be harmless for adults either. Long gone are the titillating days of finding stashed Playboy’s under the recliner and sneaking peeks at naked women before being caught.

We want to raise kids to be sexually safe and healthy, and pornography, in general, does not promote these goals. Today’s culture is highly sexualized, and kids (and adults) are bombarded with sexual images...

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The Dangers of Online Grooming

children technology Aug 29, 2018

by editorial team


What Is Online Grooming?

While rare, grooming can occur in real life or online. Grooming is when a predator reaches out to someone (including a child or adult) with the intention of preparing them for sexual abuse.

Online grooming happens on the internet and can be easier than grooming that occurs in real life. A child or adult can be groomed online by accepting a social media friend request from a stranger, or by talking to someone they don’t...

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Choose a Nontoxic Glider Chair—for Your Nursery or Your Family Room

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Are you looking for a glider chair—whether for a baby on the way, or for just a comfy chair to relax in? 

A glider chair can be a lovely addition to a nursery as parents and caregivers feed, read, and sing to the baby. Even if you're not expecting a baby, a glider chair can be an embraced presence in a family room or bedroom for watching TV or reading.

Regardless, when shopping for a glider chair, you should look for a ...

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4 Types of Nontoxic Children's Dinner Plates

children diet kitchen Aug 27, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Dinner plates are often made of glass or ceramic. For children, however, these materials can be dangerous: One swipe of the arm, and their plate is on the floor, accompanied by a heap of food and a pile of broken glass or ceramic. That’s why children are often given plastic plates.

For children, durability and safety of dinner plates are important considerations. However, whether children's dinner plates may contaminate food...

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Tips for a Lead-Free Bathtub

bathroom Aug 24, 2018

 by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Lead is a toxic metal commonly found in rocks and soil. It cannot be seen, smelt or tasted. (1) While phased out of some products in the 1970’s, lead is still found in many homes today. Including in glazes on tubs.

Studies pursued by the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board found lead glaze on 75% of tubs tested in homes built before 1978 (those enrolled in the lead hazard reduction program). Of those tubs, 40%...

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Guidelines for Choosing a Nontoxic Nursery Rug

bedroom nursery Aug 24, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Who would ever think that rugs designed for nurseries could pollute our indoor environment? I certainly didn't know to be thoughtful about how my nursery rug may affect my infant's indoor air quality. But it does.

Below is a summary from the book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures by Sophia Ruan Gushee. It can be used as guidelines for choosing a nontoxic nursery rug.

Can nursery rugs...

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Ceramic-Coated versus Teflon Cookware: Which one is healthier?

diet kitchen Aug 24, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Ceramic-coated versus Teflon cookware: Which one is healthier? Below are key pros and cons of ceramic-coated cookware versus Teflon-coated cookware.

Ceramic versus Teflon cookware


Teflon has been made with chemicals in the perfluorochemicals (PFC) family. These chemicals may leach into food during cooking; and they may contribute to liver, pancreatic, testicular, and breast cancer, thyroid issues, birth defects, and...

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The Pros and Cons of Ceramic

by Angela Cummings and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Ceramic is generally considered among the healthiest materials used throughout the home, from cozy warm mugs to tiled flooring.

“Ceramic” is a material made from clay that has been heated. It is a category that includes pottery, earthenware, terracotta, stoneware, porcelain, fine china, bone china, paper clay, etc. as subcategories. The names indicate different materials used to make the ceramic.

I've always been...

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Choosing Nontoxic Food Storage Containers

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Summer is wrapping up and parents are entering back-to-school mode, making it a great time to stock up on food storage containers.

Whether it’s for packing school lunches, or preparing meals in advance, food storage containers are convenient for storing and transporting food. While plastic containers are the most popular type, there are great, nontoxic options to consider. Nontoxic food containers can also offer convenience with far...

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How to Choose a Nontoxic Cutting Board

kitchen Aug 14, 2018

by editorial team and Sophia Ruan Gushée


Chemicals found in standard cutting boards may off-gass volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air and leach into food and beverages. To minimze these exposures, choose a nontoxic cutting board.

Components of a nontoxic cutting board

Nontoxic cutting boards are made of solid hardwood, nontoxic glues, and nontoxic finishes. Some cutting boards come with a conditioner that can be toxic so look for one that is conditioned...

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